Policy Manual

Policy Manual

Table of Contents Table of Contents
NW BOCES Constitution

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
AC - Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity
AC-E-1 - Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity (Sample Notice) AC-E-2 - Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity (Complaint Form)   AC-R-1 - Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity (Complaint and Compliance Process) AC-R-2 Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures (Title IX)

Section B: Board Governance and Operations
BBA - Board of Directors - Governance, Powers and Responsibilities
BBBC - Power to Abstain and Withdrawal
BC - Board Member Conduct
BC-R - Board Member Financial Disclosure
BCB - Board Member Conflict of Interest
BDA - Board Organizational Meeting
BDB - Board Officers
BDF - Advisory Committees
BDFE - Superintendents' Advisory Council
BE - Board of Directors Meetings
BEAA - Electronic Participation in Board of Directors Meetings
BEC - Executive Sessions
BEDA - Notification of Board Meetings
BEDB - Agenda
BEDF - Voting Method
BEDG - Minutes
BEDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings
BG - Board Policy Process
BID-BIE - Board Member Compensation-Expenses-Insurance-Liability

Section C: General Administration
CBA-CBC - Qualifications-Powers & Responsibilities of Executive Director
CBF - Executive Director's Conduct
CBI - Evaluation of Executive Director
CBI-R - Evaluation of Executive Director
CC - Administrative Organization
CCB - Line and Staff Relations
CCB-E - Organization Chart 
CH - Policy Implementation
CHCA - Handbooks and Directives
CHD - Administration in the Absence of Policy

Section D: Fiscal Management
DA - Fiscal Management Goals - Priority Objectives
DAB - Financial Administration
DAB-E - Financial Administration Timeline
DAC - Federal Fiscal Compliance
DB - Annual Budget
DBD - Determination of Budget Priorities
DBG - Budget Adoption Process
DBG-E - Deadlines in Budgeting Process Set by Statute
DBK - Fiscal Emergencies
DD - Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Projects
DEAA - Local District Assessment - BOCES General Fund
DEAA-R - Billing Component for District Assessments
DEC - Special Education Funds - ECEA and IDEA
        DEC-E - Special Education Operating Agreement
DFA-DFAA - Revenues from Investments - Use of Surplus Funds
DH - Bonded Employees and Officers
DHA - Contracts - Signing Authority
DID - Inventories
DJB - Federal Procurement
DJB-R - Federal Procurement
DJ-DJA - Purchasing-Purchasing Authority
DJE - Bidding Procedures
DKB - Salary Deductions
DKC - Expense Authorization-Reimbursement
DN - School Property Disposition

Section E: Support Services
EBBB - Accident Reports
EEAE - Vehicle Safety Inspection, Maintenance and Use
EGAD - Copyright Compliance
EGAEA - Electronic Communication
EHB - Records Retention
        EHC - Safeguarding Personal Identifying Information
EI - Insurance Program-Risk Management

Section G: Personnel

GA - Personnel Policies Goal
GBA - Open Hiring-Equal Employment Opportunity
GBAA - Sexual Harassment
GBAB - Workplace Health & Safety Protection
GBE - Staff Rights and Responsibilities
GBEA - Staff Ethics-Conflict of Interest
GBEB - Staff Conduct
GBEB-R - Staff Conduct
GBEB-R-2 - Staff Conduct Regulation
GBEC - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
GBEC-E - Employee Acknowledgement Form - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
GBEE - Staff Use of Internet-Electronic Communications-BOCES Technology Devices
GBEE-E - Staff Member Acceptable Use Agreement
GBGD - Workers' Compensation
GBGE - Staff Maternity-Paternity-Parental Leave
GBGG - Staff Sick Leave
GBGH - Sick Leave Bank
GBGJ - Staff Bereavement Leave
        GBGK - Staff Legal Leave
        GBGL - Staff Victim Leave
GBGM - Personal Leave
GBI - Criminal History Record Information
GBJ - Personnel Records and Files
GBK - Staff Concerns-Complaints-Grievances
        GBK-R - Staff Concerns-Complaints-Grievances Regulation
GCA - Professional Staff Positions
GCBA - Professional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBA-R - BOCES Professional Staff Salary
        GCBA-R-2 - Professional Staff Salary Schedules Regulation
GCBD - Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCCAE - Professional Leave
GCE-GCF - Professional Staff Recruiting-Hiring
        GCE-GCF-R - Staff Recruiting-Hiring Regulation
        GCFD - Shortage of Professional Staff
GCI - Professional Staff assignments and Transfers
GCL - Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars
GCO - Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
GCO-R - Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
GCOE - Evaluation of Evaluators
GCQF - Discipline-Suspension-Dismissal & Resignation of Professional Staff
GDBA - Support Staff Positions & Salary Schedules
GDBC - Support Staff Supplementary Pay - Overtime
GDBD - Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDD - Support Staff Vacations & Holidays
GDE-GDF - Support Staff Recruiting-Hiring-Retention
GDQD - Discipline-Suspension-Dismissal and Resignation of Support Staff

Section I: Students with Disabilities
IHBA - Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities

Section J: Students
JB - Equal Educational Opportunities
JBB - Sexual Harassment
JICAA - Student Conduct and Discipline
JLF - Reporting Child Abuse-Child Protection
JLF-R - Reporting Child Abuse-Child Protection
JRA-JRC - Student Records Release of Information on Students JRA-JRC-E-1 - Student Records Release of Information on Students (Notification)
JRA-JRC-R - Student Records-Release of Information on Students (Review, Amendment and Hearing Procedures)

Section K: Public Conduct
KDBA - Parent Notification of Employee Criminal Charges
KDBA-E - Parent Notification (Sample Notice)
KFA - Public Conduct on BOCES Property
Records Management Manual

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